Read a Story To Me Please!

Are there anymore delightful words anywhere than a tiny little voice asking “would you read a story to me please?”

Here I hope to provide those for you and your family to enjoy. For now lets see what we have in store for you to explore.

How about a magic carpet ride using the Magic Mud Pie for starters? If you are interested just send me an email at Billie’s Stories and I will send it off to your email inbox immediately.

Talk soon!


P.S. be sure to visit the story page titles as I add new material to each. The first book in the Farm Life Series, Fourteen Is Too Many, is available now. ISBN 978-1-63004-179-3You can order it from Publish America or wherever you normally buy your books. It is 24 pages, and the 9781630041793illustrations are adorable. Check it out.

For now there are other things on that page that you can enjoy.


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