Titles: Haying Time: Fire and Fourteen is Too ManyFourteen Is Too Many: Survivors
           First two books in childrens’ picture book series
Author:  Billie A. Williams
Publisher: Publish America
Genre:  Childrens’ Picture Books (soft cover)
This series, though written for children, is a pleasant walk through our own childhoods, back to a time when the world was still innocent of future troubles.  These tales are told through a child’s point of view of life on a farm and the things that can happen.
Haying time made this reader laugh at the remembered smell of fresh cut hay  and then tremble at what might have been the result of a fire.  Children will delight in learning how a farm works and the fun to be had after the work is done.
The birth of piglets is a time to rejoice as in Fourteen is Too Many, but the lesson of handling loss, while it may be somewhat painful, teaches us all out of tragedy can come happiness.  This tale helps us all to learn to look beyond trouble to a future where there is joy.
I’m happy to recommend these stories by talented author Billie A. Williams to anyone reading to, or buying books for children. These are stories from the author’s own childhood and there are more to follow. Enjoy. I sure did as I stepped into my own childhood through the doors opened by these pages to relive fun moments of my own
Anne K. Edwards.
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