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A review for the first two books in this series is posted on the review page, be sure to check it out. Be on the look out for a new book coming soon.

Summers: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

The next book in the Farm Life Series is going to press. I have the cover and the interior files look great. I can’t wait until you can see it.

Summers: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?A health condition made the doctors decide that Andy needed to be someplace where she would be less stressed and get more fresh air and exercise, which turned out to be a great thing for Andy. She got to spend summers on her Grandparents farm without any sisters or brother around. Sometimes it was frightening, being alone listening to the sounds of animals outside. Sometimes she was lonesome. But there were always new adventures and new farm animals that needed her attention. Andy was happy to spend her summers on the farm. Sometimes being slightly ill was a good thing she decided, but that wasn’t always true.

Read a Story To Me Please!

Are there anymore delightful words anywhere than a tiny little voice asking “would you read a story to me please?”

Here I hope to provide those for you and your family to enjoy. For now lets see what we have in store for you to explore.

How about a magic carpet ride using the Magic Mud Pie for starters? If you are interested just send me an email at Billie’s Stories and I will send it off to your email inbox immediately.

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P.S. be sure to visit the story page titles as I add new material to each. The first book in the Farm Life Series, Fourteen Is Too Many, is available now. ISBN 978-1-63004-179-3You can order it from Publish America or wherever you normally buy your books. It is 24 pages, and the 9781630041793illustrations are adorable. Check it out.

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